Thera Press

Thera*Press, The Deep-Tissue, Triggerpoint Release Tool

68702019_scaled_309x320Thera*Press is a new ergonomically designed, deep tissue massage instrument. It is used to protect practitioners from occupational injuries. It was invented by Richard Scheper, a licensed Massage Therapist. This tool facilitates effortless trigger point release and implements a way of working where stress and pressure are evenly dispersed over therapists' hands, wrists and arms. By avoiding direct use of thumbs, repetitive uneven stress to muscles and joint capsules of hands and arms is eliminated. Occupational injuries are avoided while pre-existing injuries are allowed to heal.

Effortless Therapy without Occupational Injuries

Thera*Press was also designed to promote positive body mechanics. Used as directed, poor body mechanics can be corrected and injury avoided. Hands, wrists and arms are protected against uneven stress and strain. The Contoured hand grip encourages therapists to maintain a neutral wrist position while working. This puts an end to wrist hyperextension and all the problems it creates. Releasing trigger points with Thera*Press is far less taxing on muscles, supports positive skeletal alignment and achieves a quicker response with less effort.

Thera*Press is made of white, light-weight, practically unbreakable, high tech plastic. Its contoured hand grip prevents the tool from slipping, even in an oily hand. Thera*Press can be purchased from Radiance Massage Products Ltd., c/o Richard Schepper, 185-01 Hillside Ave #3B, Jamaica, NY 11432. Make check for $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.