About Us

Based in Jamaica Estates, NY, Radiance-Massage is a holistic pain management clinic providing a wide range of therapeutic massage treatment plans. These include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Medicine and Medical Massage. With 39 years of experience, our healing abilities are respected throughout the region. We provide a clean, cheerful environment and administering effective, transformative treatments.

Massage Therapy

When it comes to holistic healing and therapeutic massage techniques, our clinic is one of the most respected in the area. Knowledgeable practitioners help patients with everything from sports injuries and chronic pain to accident rehabilitation and migraine headaches, we are dedicated professionals.


Massage therapy is a hands-on holistic treatment plane that are designed to meet the specific needs and problems of each individual. The individual's problems and their severity will dictate the approach taken and the modalities used to get the most effective results. Our pain clinic provides clients with everything from Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage to Craniosacral and trigger point therapy sessions. We also include medical massage treatments for migraines and stress relief. Ask us about our approach to sports medicine, as well.

About the Massage Therapist

Richard Schepper is a highly respected Licensed Massage Therapist with Thirty years of experience. He is certified in both Sports and Medical Massage. He is knowledgeable in Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Myofacial release techniques, Therapeutic Touch and Native American healing modalities.

Richard is an honors graduate of the Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences. As a faculty member at the Swedish Institute he has taught Deep Tissue Techniques in the Advanced Studies Program. As a faculty member of Hofstra University, he set up and taught “Stress Management and Massage” and “The Bad Back Workshop”.

Part of his healing practice involves working as a Certified Sports Massage Therapist, in top health clubs helping athletes with muscle problems resulting from both training and competition. In addition to Sports Therapy, Richard is also certified in Medical Massage and works in conjunction with doctors to relieve pain and rehabilitate patients. This area of his private practice is oriented more towards treating medical problems such as stroke, edema, sciatica, diabetes, parkinson’s desease. polio, myofacial disorders, trauma resulting from injuries such as whiplash, disk and joint problems. He is a people person with a passion for healing.